Theme (Topic)Description
The structure of atoms  Internal structure of atoms, elementary particles, periodic table
The acids  Acid properties, reactions, examples
Aromatic substances   Benzene and derivatives
Amino acids and proteins  Common AA , structure of proteins
Mineral analysis  Typical reactions, determination
Alcohols  Common alcools, physical and chemical properties
Carboxylic acids  Carboxylic acids and their derivatives: acyl chlorides and amides
Aldehydes and ketones  Common carbonyl derivatives, physical and chemical properties
Amines and amides  Common amides and amines, physical and chemical properties
Alkanes  Petroleum, common alkanes, physical and chemical properties
Alkenes  Common alcenes, physical and chemical properties
Substitutions on benzene and its aromatic derivatives Brief study of substitution reactions on aromatic nuclei
The chemical bonds   Simple ions and compounds, hydrogenions, acids, formulas, presentation, solubility of ionic substances
The biochemistry Systematic study (in preparation)
Carbohydrates  Sharp study
Concentrations Study of concentrations, dilutions, titrations
Catalysis Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis: Therory and examples
crystals Symmetry, lattices, crystalline systems
The chemical equation   Equations: Establishing,equilibrating and calculating
The quantum theory of the atomic electron cloud  Waves - Quanta - Models of Bohr and Schrödinger - Heisenberg
Chemical equilibrium  Homogeneous and heterogeneous equilibrium, solubility
Electrochemistry  Electrolysis, batteries and accumulators
The chemical elements  Atoms, elements, periodes, families, periodic tables
Esters  Examples and reactions of esters
The chemical formulas  Signification of formulas, different kinds of formulas, determination of formulas by valences
Organic functions   Organic fonction formulas, nomenclature
Determination of organic formulas   Determination of organic formulas by molar mass and functional analysis
Gas   Molecular model of a gases, gas laws, chemical gas law (Avogadro)
The kinetic theory of gases  Pressure, ideal gas law, temperature, Maxwell-Boltzmann law
Hydrocarbons   (Cyclo) alkanes (Cyclo) alkenes, (Cyclo) alkynes
Organic halogen derivatives  Current halogen derivatives,physical and chemical properties
Organic heterocycles   Heterocycles, application in pharmacy and biochemistry (in construction)
The spatial structure of molecules - Gillespie model - I somerism, conformational isomerism, identity   Spatial structure of molecules, cis-trans isomers, stereoisomers, conformers, identical molecules, optical activity
The inductive effect   + I and -I effects , strength, transmission, importance
Chemical kinetics Reaction rates, catalysis
The laboratory  Practices, safety and equipment of the chemistry laboratory
The models of matter  Historical theories of matter, atomic and molecular model
Metathesis reactions  Precipitations, volatilisations, neutralisations
Mesomerism (resonance)  Mesomer (contributive) structures, prevision, weight
The minerals and stones  Mineralogy and petrography
Physical states of substances  Physical properties, phase changes, molecular models of physical states
Physical and chemical phenomena   Differences between physical and chemical properties
Photography  The physical and chemical fundamentals of traditional photography
Polarity  Polarity and temporary polarity
pH theory  pH of aqueous solutions, acids, bases, mixtures, titration diagrams..
Amino-acids and proteins  Properties of amino-acids, building proteins
The quantum theory of the atomic electron cloud  Waves - Quanta - Models of Bohr and Schrödinger - Heisenberg
The chemical quantities   Mole, gram, liter, percent, calculation of molar mass and molecular formula
Redox reactions Oxidations, reductions, redox titrations, electrochemisrtry
Analysis and synthesis reactions in mineral chemistry  Reaction types: analysis, synthesis
Reaction types in organic chemistry  Types of reactions: radical, ionic, types of mecanisms, exercises and global view
Mesomerism (Resonance)   Mesomeric (contributory) structures , forecasting, weight
Radioactivity   Origin, discovery, isotopes, decays, effects
The Structure of molecules - Gillespie model - Conformational isomerism - Isomerism, Identity   Spatial structure of molecules, conformers, isomers
Substances   Chemical Substances: Elementary substances, Compounds, Representatives
The problematic substances   The substances causing problems for health and environment
The psychoactive substances   The substances which, when ingested or administered, alters mental processes
Spectra   Mass Spectra , infrared and NMR spectra
Solutions   Concentration, Electrolyte dissociation, Vapour pressure, Boiling point, Freezing point, Osmotic pressure
The Thermochemistry   Chemical Thermodynamics: Heat, work, energies and spontaneity of chemical reactions
The titrations   Titrations: Technique, curves, calculations
The Vitamines   Vitamines: Formulas, Occurence, Action, Deficiency