Aminoacids and proteins

Amino acids      List of current amino acids      Some amino acids: nomenclature et models      Separation of amino acids      Analysis of amino acids by paper chromatography      Acidity constants of aminoacids      The isoelectric point of aminoacids      Analysis of amino acids by électrophoresis      Analysis of amino acids by ionic exchange      Classification of amino acids      Enzymes      Metabolism of aminoacids: Decarboxylations      Metabolism of aminoacids: Transaminations      Metabolism of aminoacids: All important types      Proteins      Structures of proteins      Build dipeptides: exercises      Build tripeptides: exercises      Build proteins      A natural dipeptide: Glutathion      A natural dipeptide: Carnosin      An artificial dipeptide: Aspartame      Two hormonal oligopeptides: Oxytocin and vasopressin      A dangerous heptapeptide: Phalloïdin      A hormonal polypeptide: Glucagon      A hormonal polypeptide:: Insulin      A natural antibiotic: Gramicidin      The number 1 antibiotic: Penicillin      The artificial synthesis of peptides