Vitamine B9


Vitamine B9 = folic acid

It is the glutamate of the ptero´c acid: itself derived from the pterine fusion of the pyrimidine and pyrazine rings


- animal: liver, kidneys, oysters .. - vegetable: spinach, watercress, cabbages ..


Folate conjugase is an enzyme that converts the polyglutamate often present in monoglutamate, the true folic acid. - essential for fast cell reproduction tissues where it is active by reduction. - its reduced form is indispensable for the synthesis of thymine, which is necessary for the preparation of red blood cells.

Estimated average needs

adult: 400 μg / d pregnant woman 600 μg / d lactating woman 800 μg / d


- anemia - malabsorption and oily stools - nervous disorders