Reactions: Hydrolyses

The proteins ingested by the diet are hydrolyzed by many very specific proteases acting mainly in the pancreas and the intestinal mucosa:

- 1: Pepsin, chymotrypsin and trypsin enzymes and coenzymes cut the protein (I) into oligopeptides (II) - 2: Carboxypeptidases separate simple amino acids (III) from the carboxylated end of the protein - 3: Aminopeptidases separate simple amino acids (III) from the amino end of oligopeptides

An example: Medical interest

The methionine end blocks the activity of proteins responsible for the development of certain cancers. Methionine-aminopeptidase is the specific enzyme that removes this end and makes the proteins dangerous.

If we can thus deactivate this enzyme, we will have found a way to fight cancer!