Basic liquid with a penetrant ammonia smell that has multiple uses in chemical synthesis and in industry.



The piperine can be extracted from black pepper:

(I) Extraction in a Soxhlet apparatus: 1 The eluent (ethanol) is heated to boiling 2 Vapors of pure ethanol 3 Condensation of the vapors in the condenser 4 Pure ethanol extracts piperine from black pepper powder 5 Piperine solution refluxes in the flask where it becomes progressively enriched (II) Purification and filtration: 6 Piperine solution treated with KOH to precipitate impurities 7 Filtrate of pure piperine solution in ethanol

Piperine is responsible for the peppery taste. Pharmaceutically it delays the excretion of certain drugs.



Very toxic substance present in the Spotted Hemlock

This is the poison by which the Greek philosopher Socrates was killed.

Jacques-Louis David - The Death of Socrates



In the structure of quinine comes a bridged piperidine skeleton:

Quinine is a potent drug against malaria



In the structure of atropine still comes a bridged piperidine skeleton:

Atropine is present in the Belladonna

and in the Jimsonweed

This is a deadly poison in large doses, wheras in precise doses, it is used in cardiology and ophthalmology.



In the structure of cocaine still comes a bridged piperidine skeleton:

Cocaine is present in the Coca

Image due to →       H. Zell

This is an exciting and powerful euphoric addictive drug that can lead to death by cardiac arrest.