Print with silver chloride and egg white

1st bath: - Solution of ammonium chloride: $NH_4^++Cl^-$ - Egg white (due to its viscosity it fixes ammonium chloride on the print paper)

2nd bath: - Solution of silver nitrate: $Ag^++NO_3^-$

Forming the photosensitive layer in the dark room: - Réaction: $Ag^+$ $+$ $Cl^-$ $\longrightarrow$ $Ag^+Cl^-$

Exposition to light: - Reaction (simplified): $2Ag^+$ $+$ $2Cl^-$ $\longrightarrow$ $2Ag+Cl_2$

Fixing bath: - Solution of sodium thiosulfate: $2Na^+$ $+$ $S_2O_3^{2-}$

Fixing by removing the $Ag^+$ in excess: - Complex ion formation: $Ag^+$ $+$ $S_2O_3^{2-}$ $\longrightarrow$ $Ag(S_2O_3)^{3-}$ The stable complex ion dithiosulfatargentate dissolves in water and so the silver ions are removed.

Author: →   mys32YT