Here is my adress:

Armand di Marco
L-4336 Esch-sur-Alzette
Luxembourg (Europe)


You may contact me at armand.dimarco [insert an @ here] All suggestions or valuable additions are welcome. They will be adapted and provided with the name of their author.


The matter has been developed on educational purpose and is not maint to be utilized by professionals. All results gained by Chim should be thoroughly verified. The experiences are standard college pratice. They are intended to illustrate themes of this web site and must not be tried by inexperienced people.


This website is adapted to smartphones et tablets. It is best seen in "portrait" mode and that leads sometimes to some distortions on ordinary computers. Please use the last versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.


I have tried to indicate the adresses of web sites and the name of authors who inspired me or whose work I did adapt. It is sometimes difficult to see if copyright is violated. If this should be the case, please give me notice. I will immediately right the fault. As for my own work, it may be copied making a reference to this web site.


I plan to do translations of scientific texts (mathematics, physics, chemistry between French, German and English). If you are interested, contact me!